Thursday, March 26, 2009


One idea - two artists - three mediums

Tove Hirth og Nichola Jane Aindow

18 april – 3 mai 09

vernissage 18.4 kl 12 - 17

In their first gallery exhibition in Oslo Tove Hirth and Nichola Jane Aindow show sculpture, drawings and photographs made from and about the body.

With the alteration of an object’s form and medium, there is an endless line of perception - as time is endless - so too are reactions and interpretations. The reflexive value of each medium is allowing a privileged alternative perspective; a second, third, fourth chance at seizing the image. We continue to be drawn to the body, to represent it, to explain it - knowing that it is ours for a short space and time only.

Interpretations continue by virtue of unending perspectives.

Tove Hirth has BA in sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art and a MA in sculpture and bronze casting from the Royal College of Art in London. She studied and worked in Edinburgh, London and has had solo exhibitions in Glasgow (Compass Gallery, 2000) and Edinburgh (Norrie Torch Gallery 1995) as well as extensive group’s shows in England, Scotland, France and Norway. She won the Tussauds Award for Fine Art at the Royal College of Art Graduation Show 1997 and has made awards for both the Edinburgh film festival and the French/Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Nichola Jane Aindow is soon to complete her PhD in psychoanalysis, she is a martial artist instructor (Thai boxing and Muay Boran) and a photographer.