Monday, February 01, 2016

WeAreWorms is new media artists duo Ilja Badulin and Anja Malec. They work with variety of disciplines, from animated films, to sound design and art installations. With their work Ilja and Anja explores digital culture and very frequently they are experimenting with the film medium and physical structure of the installation in order to unfold the way inside new dimensions of experience and thoughtfulness along the experience inside time and pictorial space.

Collectors is audio visual performance, which centers on the concept of nonfictional creatures.
The Collectors are designed to do more than spread— they might delete systems, encrypt in a cryptoviral extortion attack. They are most well-known for their trade requests for which they offer new technologies, often of a startling level of advancement. Their requests usually involve the trade of living beings in odd numbers and varieties. No one knows what happens to the individuals concerned after the exchange is completed.